Wild Grace Videography is a Denver-based video production company specializing in creating video and photo content for outdoor, travel, and adventure brands. We're here to give your brand that 'wow' factor—be it bold, authentic, adventurous, or however you imagine it. From engaging social media reels to compelling narratives, we're here to help you bring your brand to life and help you better connect with your audience.

Carly was so great to work with! She exceeded my expectations with bringing my vision to life and delivering an epic video for our brand. She listened to every detail I wanted to be included, and took creative responsibility during the shoots to ensure she had everything she needed. When I received the final work I had to watch it 5x in a row because it was that good. Highly recommend her for your cinematic needs!

- Lauren Klein, Genesee Nutrition

Carly has great energy and enthusiasm, combined with maturity, knowledge and skill in her field of work. The final product was very impressive and exceeded our expectations.

- Nathan Baller, Abode Outside



Let us capture the essence of your boutique hotel by showcasing your unique spaces and highlighting the beauty of your surroundings. We’ll craft compelling visuals that will speak to your brand and up-level your marketing for years to come.


Let's spotlight your outdoor gear with visuals that showcase their top-notch quality and demonstrate their ideal use in the great outdoors. Let our compelling imagery redefine your brand's marketing impact for the long term.


Get ready to flaunt your outdoor excursions with visuals that bring out their thrill and showcase the excitement of your adventure. Our compelling imagery will redefine your brand's marketing impact, attracting thrill-seekers and enthusiasts for unforgettable experiences.

I’m Carly, owner & lead videographer at Wild Grace Video Productions based in Denver, Colorado.

My journey into videography began with a simple desire: to capture and preserve the meaningful moments of my life. As I crafted a video compilation of the adventures I refused to miss out on in New Zealand, wove together college memories for my friends post-graduation from the University of Vermont, and captured the new setting and faces of a fun summer job at a dude ranch in Wyoming, I realized that I loved creating videos that told the story of adventures, people, and new places.

Over the past five years, I've had the privilege of creating content for a diverse range of brands. However I found myself staying up editing until 2 in the morning (by choice!) for those brands that featured outdoor adventure and wanted to get across a deeper meaning than just selling a product or service—they wanted to create a feeling that attracted a certain type of person and community towards the brand. This is what I found spoke to both me and viewers, and what really sets a brand apart from creating just another cool adventure video with a product.

With each project I've created I've found myself diving into every detail of the creative process. From fine-tuning the sounds of a crashing wave to sculpting the vivid color palettes of a mountain scene that shaped the mood and atmosphere.

And now, I'm here to lend my expertise to you. My goal is simple: to help your brand forge meaningful connections with a like-minded community.

I'm excited to meet you, to discover what sets your brand apart, and to embark on this creative journey together.


Travel & adventure brands: it’s time to differentiate yourselves.


Logo of The Curtis Hotel, a downtown Denver boutique hotel offering themed rooms.Logo of Genesee Nutrition, a protein bar company fueling Colorado adventurers.Logo of The Surf Hotel, a boutique hotel in adventurous Buena Vista, Colorado, ideal for romantic getaways, mountain weddings, or corporate events.Logo of The Curtis Hotel, a downtown Denver boutique hotel offering themed rooms.Logo of Genesee Nutrition, a protein bar company fueling Colorado adventurers.Logo of The Surf Hotel, a boutique hotel in adventurous Buena Vista, Colorado, ideal for romantic getaways, mountain weddings, or corporate events.


Step 1. Discovery Call

This initial step is where I get to know you and your project. We discuss your vision, goals, and requirements. It's a collaborative conversation where I gather essential details to ensure I’m aligned with your vision.

Step 2. Plan. Plan. Plan.

Once I’ve understood your objectives, we begin the planning phase. This involves crafting a detailed strategy, storyboard, and production plan. We'll work together closely to finalize every aspect of the project before moving forward.

Step 3. Create + Deliver!

This is where the magic happens! I’ll bring the plans to life by utilizing a wide range of cinematic equipment and leveraging my expertise. Collaboration with industry experts may also come into play to ensure the highest quality and creativity for your project. Throughout this stage, I maintain communication and transparency, ensuring the project aligns with your expectations.

Finally, I’ll deliver the finished product, ready to exceed your vision and goals.

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Do you do both photo and video?

I specialize in video production but can also offer photography services upon request. Whether you're seeking a stunning video production, captivating photography, or a combination of both, I’m committed to meeting your creative needs and bringing your vision to life.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time varies based on the project scope and I will provide an estimated timeline during the Discovery Call. However, the majority of our projects have a 2-week turnaround time from the last shoot date.

How involved are you in the planning and storyboarding process?

I am adaptable to your preferences. Typically, I take the lead in planning and storyboarding based on the insights gathered during our discovery call and pre-production meeting. However, I welcome your involvement at any level—whether you prefer a hands-on approach in planning every detail or entrusting me to handle the creative process, I’m here to accommodate your needs and vision.

Can we choose the music for our video?

Typically, I curate music based on my expertise and the flow of the editing process. I have access to a wide range of quality, royalty-free tracks from a subscription platform. However, I value your preferences. If you have specific genre ideas or would like to be presented with song options, I'm more than happy to provide you with a selection to choose from. Otherwise, rest assured that I'll select music that complements the video seamlessly, drawing from my experience and creative instincts which have been successful in past projects.


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